Shakeology Ingredients

Unlike other Shakeology reviews that simply list the ingredients, we decided to take closer look into the Shakeology ingredients. To find if this meal replacement shake is truly what it claims to be. Packed with superfood ingredients that have been sourced globally. Curious to know what our research revealed? Here are the key Shakeology ingredients and our findings, that will help you understand what makes them so effective:

  • Isolated Whey Protein and Fiber: While the former is a source of high-quality protein that your body can easily absorb, the latter keeps you feeling full for a longer time. Thus reducing your food cravings and hunger. Since whey protein encourages in building and maintaining muscle mass, you get better results with your workout sessions that are aimed at muscle gain. Yet, the benefits don’t stop here since your muscles can now regenerate faster. Which no longer makes you feel sore after every workout session. Whey protein even helps to keep your blood sugar steady. Thanks to the essential amino acids present in whey protein that encourage clarity of mind by supporting the functions of your brain, you can enjoy improved cognitive focus.
  • Phytonutrients: Our Shakeology review found that this health shake contains polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins and anthocyanins. All of which have antioxidant properties that help to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Perhaps you know how free radicals damage your cells and could be held responsible for the aging process and worse, even for certain degenerative conditions. With the intake of Shakeology, you get to benefit from these phytonutrients that are known to prevent many of such degenerative conditions together with giving a boost to your immune system.
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics: Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help your gut while prebiotics refer to elements that support such friendly bacteria, thus supporting healthy digestion. Since they help with nutrient absorption (e.g. prebiotics help in absorption of certain minerals, calcium being the most notable one), they support the regularity of your digestive track that help you to forget gas, bloating and other such troubles that are caused by poor digestion.
  • Digestive Enzymes: By helping the foods you consume to be broken down into their individual components, these enzymes pave the way for better absorption of nutrients. This means whatever your food intake is throughout the day, it gets absorbed better in terms of nutrients, thus letting you enjoy better digestion and regularity.
  • Adaptogen Herbs: In today’s fast paced life, stress has become an inherent part that you just can’t avoid. The best way is to manage it effectively to lead a healthy life and that’s exactly what these herbs do. These herbs have been used traditionally to help your body become accustomed to the effects of stress and respond to it in a positive manner, thus not making it get hold of your life and turn into a chronic condition with time.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: If you don’t like to eat your veggies (like many of us do) or just fail to get enough vegetables on your plate, this meal replacement loaded with vitamins and minerals can help you get the adequate dose your body requires for proper functioning. For lazybones or those pressed for time, drinking a glass of this healthy shake is much more convenient than buying and eating loads of fruits and veggies (not to mention the cooking time involved in some cases as you can’t eat some of these foods raw!).

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Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review: Good Product By A Good Company

Amazing Grass is one of my favorite companies. In the Greens Powder industry, I think they’re the company to beat.  They do a lot of things right, including:

  • having a well defined product line
  • use high quality ingredients
  • compete very well on price
  • are ethically sound in the way they conduct business
  • seemingly one of the only companies that avoids skeezy marketing claims and also embraces the customer centric web 2.0 business model.

Among other things.

As a company they have different lines of superfood products that cover greens, berries, kids, and total meal powders, all of which are very good.

However, I believe their green superfood is their oldest and flagship product. It’s probably the most popular product of its type in the world.

It’s what I used for this review. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Amazing Grass company. I write these reviews to inform curious consumers about the details of these products and bring transparency to the market. I highlight the pros and cons of products not to glorify or tear down a company or product, but simply to give consumers a clear idea of what they’re buying. I think all of these products have a lot of benefits to offer if used properly.  If I state an opinion I make sure make it clear that it’s just that, and others may have different experiences.


The ingredient list for the Amazing Grass green superfood is very solid with an emphasis on high quality grasses and organic ingredients.

It includes the following:

Greens: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, spirulina, chlorella, spinach, broccoli

Berries: acai, maca, carrot, beet, raspberry, rose hips, pineapple, green tea, acerola cherry

Fibers: Flax seed, apple pectin

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics: F.O.S.(a prebiotic), L. acidophilus, protease, amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulase

Let’s break these down a little bit more.

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Product Review of the Athletic Greens Supplement

Athletes and people with an active life style, or are serious about their health, need a good amount of nutrients to optimise their performance. Certain supplements like creatine and fish oil are needed by athletes in greater quantities than other people need them. Greens are another important supplement that is often ignored, or at least does not get the same amount of attention.

This is a Superfood Cocktail

Athletic Greens is a greens powder that has been brought out especially for use by athletes and people willing to invest in their health. It offers a premium superfood cocktail, with a well balanced list of ingredients that contains most of what athletes need for peak performance. Many greens drinks do not taste very pleasant, but this one has had several fruits, vegetables, vanilla and stevia added to the mixture. This results in a very smooth and slightly sweet taste that will appeal to most people.

A Single Serving Gives the Full Daily Value of Most Vitamins

The packaging on the container does claim no sweeteners are added to the mixture, but stevia, although definitely a herbal extract, is also used in many other foods and drinks as a sweetener. The other ingredients in Athletic Greens provide a complete multivitamin and multi mineral combination, which together with the greens supplement, will give athletes a supply of everything they need for a capital performance. A single serving of Athletic Greens will give the athlete the requisite daily dose of zinc, almost the whole daily Vitamin A requirement, together with the complete complement of Vitamin C, E and biotin, as well as the necessary assortment of B vitamins needed. This single serving also includes 160 percent of the essential day to day requirement of Vitamin B6 and about 500 percent of the Vitamin B12 that everybody needs for brain health. Enough Vitamin B12 is often difficult to get in the vegan diet, so Athletic Greens is a drink that will be a first rate choice of supplement for any athlete who is a vegan.

Different Sections

All these ingredients are obtained from various sources and foods. Most of them come from a variety of greens, mushrooms and a wide range of herbs and herbal extracts, and all are carefully selected and have been tested thoroughly. These are all great for building g immunity as well as boosting energy levels. These ingredients are divided into four different components.

1. The first part of the list contains all the well-known Superfoods. These include the herbs and greens that are incorporated for their nutrients and alkalinity. Alkalinity is necessary for all athletes to keep the Ph of their bodies maintained, especially those athletes who neglect the eating of enough green vegetables in their normal diets. The Superfoods group includes supplements like spirulina, wheat grass and chlorella, and these elements make up the bulk of Athletics Greens drink.

2. The second section of important ingredients includes a number of antioxidants and even more herbs. This is the second biggest group of nutrients in the powder. Among other elements, the powder contains the essential antioxidant citrus bioflavonoids, some pea protein and CoQ-10.

3. A group of mushrooms, with both reishi and shiitake, are included in the third component. These, together with other digestive enzymes, aid the speedy digestion and absorption of all the nutrients.

4. The last section contains a selection of the important probiotics. Athletic Greens is a great source of the well-known important probiotics lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum. These microflorae are dairy free, but the acidophilus may also aid lactose sensitive people to manage digestion of lactose. The natural development of microflora already in the intestines, is aided by the inclusion in the superfoods section of the probiotic fructooligosaccharide. This will develop many favourable side effects in athletes’ general health.

Two Servings a Day Recommended

The manufacturers of Athletic Greens recommend athletes take two servings a day. Product review of Athletics green powder leads one to the conclusion that this is one of the most effective wholefood, greens and vitamin supplements on the market, one that will certainly aid digestive health and help to produce the energy every athlete needs, Athletic Greens is undoubtedly one of the best in the market, but it is also pretty expensive. Most people however, athletes or not, agree that it is worth the price and can be considered life insurance. The two servings a day of Athletic Greens help them reach peak performance.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturers offer a short cautionary list that depicts who should not take Performix SST due to health problems and some other aspects. However, these cautions are too general and need to be described in detail. Besides, the supplement is not that safe as claimed to be. It has a number of side effects. You can find a lot of complaints online saying that Performix products are too extreme. A lot of users felt bad, while some of them even went to the hospital. Let’s discuss some of Performix SST ingredients which tend to cause side effects.

The supplement contains synephrine and bitter orange extract, which are associated with such side effects as increased blood pressure and heart rate, fainting, heart palpitations, and even the increase of the risk of having heart attack or stroke in users. It is highly advised to avoid using Bitter Orange because no weight loss is worth such health risks. As for synephrine, it works only when combined with caffeine. However, using too much caffeine can result in increased heart rate, headaches, increased blood pressure, increased urination, heart palpitations, dehydration, dizziness, jitteriness, and insomnia.

Another product’s ingredient, Ashwagandha, can lead to stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhoea but is considered to be safe if used for a short period of time. Choline Bitartrate used in the powder form in Performix SST Side Effects, is thought to be safe in appropriate quantities, however it can lead to a fishy body odour, sweating, gastrointestinal distress, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

Yohimbe can result in a wide range of adverse effects, including excitation, stomach upset, tremor, anxiety, sleep problems, agitation, a racing heartbeat, high blood pressure, dizziness, drooling, stomach problems, sinus pain, headache, irritability, frequent urination, rash, bloating, vomiting and nausea. If used in high doses, Yohimbe can lead to even more serious effects.

Huperzine A can lead to nausea, sweating, vomiting, blurred vision, restlessness, slurred speech, loss of appetite, increased saliva and urine, cramping, inability to control urination, slowed heart rate, and high blood pressure. This ingredient should be used for a short period of time only. It should be noted that Performix SST has to be avoided by pregnant and nursing women, as well as by those planning pregnancy.

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Testosterone Overload Symptoms

You often hear about a deficiency of testosterone and perhaps you’ve dealt with it in the past. Maybe you began taking a natural male enhancement supplement, or have received testosterone therapy through your doctor. Then again, maybe you don’t take anything at all to boost your testosterone levels yet you’ve experienced some odd symptoms and want to know if you may have testosterone overload with extenze male enhancement.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

If you do a search online you’ll find many websites that claim there are no symptoms at all if you’ve got very high levels of testosterone. They go on to say that it makes you feel great, look great, sex is incredible, and you’ll have muscles coming out of your eyeballs.

While this is true in many cases, except for the eyeball muscles, you should always aim for moderation. While enough of the male hormone will make you feel happier, more energetic, and boost your libido, too much of anything isn’t good for you. Even drinking too much water can harm your body or even kill you.

Common Symptoms of Testosterone Overload

  • You may be more inclined to smoke, drink alcohol excessively, and indulge in risky behavior.
  • You could notice that you get more injuries
  • You might have trouble keeping a job or become a workaholic
  • Some men might indulge in criminal activity
  • Sex drive is so high you aren’t satisfied and seek out more and more sex or masturbate several times a day
  • You might find it hard to stay in a relationship or you remain single
  • Staying home and being antisocial could be more appealing than socializing
  • Your temper may flare more often and you notice that smaller things bother you
  • That’s not to say that all men with high levels of testosterone exhibit these behaviors.

If You Suspect Your T Levels Are Too High

If you have been on testosterone therapy through your doctor or are on any natural supplements that are said to enhance testosterone levels and you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor about this. You may have to cut back on the dose or switch to something else. If you have naturally high levels of testosterone—which is uncommon though not out of the question—your doctor may be able to provide medication to counteract its effects.

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How to Prepare Freeze Dried Food

Mountain House foods meals have been keeping climbers, soldiers, explorers, hunters, anglers, hikers, backpackers, preppers, and all sorts of other people happily nourished for decades. If you’re reading this, we reckon there’s a good chance you’ve already had the pleasure of tucking into one of our dishes—out in some alpine or canyonland campsite, say, or hunkered down in candlelight during a stormy power outage.

But what exactly is freeze-dried food, and how do you go about rehydrating it for consumption?

When it comes to how to prepare freeze dried food—well, it really couldn’t be easier. Here we’ll serve up (if you will) a short summary of the freeze-drying process for some background, the basic benefits it affords, and the how-to of our ridiculously convenient, super-delicious, and nutritionally rich just-add-hot-water meals!

The Nuts & Bolts of Mountain House’s Freeze-Drying Process

As we’ve explained before here at the Mountain House blog, the fundamental process of freeze-drying is actually pretty simple—though of course it takes some high-tech equipment to pull off at scale.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

First, we cook our meals—all of them delectable dishes, from Biscuits & Gravy to Italian Style Pepper Steak With Rice & Tomatoes. (This part of the procedure smells really good.)
Then we transfer the contents of our big cookpots to specially made trays. These go into our massive freezer in order to (you guessed it) freeze the food solid.
When the vittles are nice and frozen, we load up a cart with the trays and wheel it inside a vacuum chamber. To actually make the vacuum within the vessel, we reduce its air pressure to approximately what you’d experience a cool 46 miles above Earth’s surface.
Next, we add a small amount of heat beneath the food trays. The one-two punch of the heat and the vacuum turns the ice directly into water vapor, without any liquid phase (aka melted water) in between. In other words, the ice sublimates. We capture the water vapor produced by the sublimation so that it doesn’t re-enter the food. This step typically takes between 12 and 24 hours, depending on what sort of food we’re freeze-drying.

The last step is packaging: a proprietary technique that results in freeze-dried meals and ingredients with the longest shelf life in the industry—and our unbeatable 30-Year Taste Guarantee!

The Advantages of Freeze-Drying

The primary benefit of our freeze-drying method is that it preserves the nutrition, flavor, and texture of our foods. The sublimation of ice into vapor without an intervening liquid state preserves the food’s natural pore structure. With our just-add-hot-water meals, therefore, moisture can efficiently fill those pores and rehydrate the dish in its pre-frozen form: the inherent vitamins, minerals, and enzymes—plus the original mouthfeel and taste—left intact.

Rehydrating food, in other words, you get all its innate goodness. And meanwhile you’ve got lightweight, highly storable and packable food packages ideal for camping and backpacking adventures as well as disaster kits, bug-out bags, and other emergency stockpiles.

How to Prepare Freeze Dried Food

Rehydrating freeze dried food is as straightforward as it comes with Mountain House packages. We’re not oversimplifying things when we call them “just-add-hot-water meals.” Really—that’s all it takes!

To whip up a gourmet Mountain House meal, all you need to do is heat up water and add it directly to the pouch. How much water depends on the particular meal: Typical amounts are one, 1 ¾, or two cups. Just check the directions on the back of the package.

Before you pour in the water, remember to remove the little oxygen-absorbing packet inside the pouch. (And don’t worry: If you forget to do so before adding water, your food’s still fine—just pluck the packet out of there before you chow down.)

The pouch directions will give you the short-and-sweet timetable for how to make freeze dried food. Typically you’ll add the boiling water, stir the mixture, and seal the pouch to let it sit for eight or nine minutes, stirring midway through if you wish.

** Tip! If you can’t heat water, cold water will also work to rehydrate your Mountain House meal. Rehydration will take about twice as long, and we think our meals taste better hot, but in an emergency, a cold just-add-water meal will do the trick, too!

Rehydrating Food: The In-the-Field Benefits of Mountain House Just Add Hot Water Meals

It’s no secret why military personnel and outdoor recreationists of all stripes have turned to Mountain House just-add-hot-water meals for so many years. Besides all the good stuff we mentioned above—the preserved flavor, texture, and nutritional value of freeze-dried food; the easy-to-pack, easy-to-tote nature of our packages; the exceptionally long shelf life—Mountain House meals are ideal for the backcountry because of their speedy, minimalist preparation.

Rehydrating freeze dried food requires nothing more than a small amount of water and the fuel to heat it to a boil. From sparking the stove to your first (mouthwatering) bite, we’re talking a “cooking” process that takes mere minutes. In our kitchen, freezer, and vacuum chamber, we’ve done basically all of the work for you.

That leaves more time for setting up the tent, drying off gear, scouring the map for next day’s itinerary, soaking up the wilderness sunset, sneaking in a quick scramble up that alluring-looking summit above camp—in short, appreciating the setting, the experience, and the company (even if it’s just the jays and squirrels). And that’s another very important part of the magic of Mountain House.

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YouTube SEO: Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Videos in 2018

Today, marketers and SEO analysts recognize the inherent importance of spreading their brands across the web. As social networks have become such a vital part of our personal and professional lives, you probably already know how powerful YouTube is as a marketing tool.


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine online, followed by Google? Well, according to Google (back in February 2017), users watch an average of one billion hours of video content a day! Very often, companies miss the marketing opportunity hidden behind a simple video. People today are looking for visual content and search engines, especially YouTube, know this. Having said that, it is not enough to just upload video content – it needs to be optimized and to buy cheap youtube comments in order to be easily reached. Tune in for our 9 YouTube SEO tips for driving more traffic to your channel.


Watch time is one of YouTube’s ranking factors, which means the number of video clicks is less important than the overall time a person watches a video. We can also learn from this that Google prefers longer, engaging videos over shorter ones. Keep this in mind when creating your next video.


Use “Google Trends” to get inspiration for your next video topic. This Google tool lets you explore the trend of a certain search term. You can even filter the platform by a “YouTube Search”. You may also filter by location, time range and categories.


The title is one of the first things people see when searching for a video. Therefore, optimizing the title in the best way possible is crucial. Create a captivating title which best describes the content of the video. YouTube will recognize if your title is irrelevant by, among other things, tracking the aforementioned “watch time” – if users reached your video but didn’t stay to watch it – it probably isn’t valuable enough, and the title might not be describing your video in the best way possible.

To edit your video title, go to the “Video Manager”, click on “Videos”, click on a video title to edit, choose your title under “Basic info”, then click “Save Changes”.


Following the title of a video, the Google algorithm, and users, buy custom youtube comments will review the video description. Unlike in other platforms, it is really easy and useful to utilize this area to promote links. You can basically add anything to the YouTube description. Don’t overdo it though – although YouTube encourages you to use the description part to depict what the video is about, present other means of communication and direct users to your website, it will not tolerate link spamming.


Another way of informing YouTube what your video is about is by using tags. You want to be as specific as possible and, at the same time, use tags (or keywords) which are popular. First, use the most obvious tags related to your video. For example, if your video is about funny cats, you would start with the tags “cats” and “funny cats”. Second, use the auto-suggest YouTube search engine. You would now add “funny cats videos” and “funny cats 2018”, depending on what the cats are doing in the video.

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Gold IRA Companies: Technical Information about IRA Investments

Gold IRA is now a trending investment opportunity. It offers huge profits with the passage of time. It is among the secure investment options being used today. Unlike other investment options, it offers security and guarantees about profits. We have some ideas for investors looking for best gold IRA companies. These are tips to support investors to select the best IRA service, account type and investment plan.



Funding options:

IRA investors can choose multiple funding options. IRA Companies allow the users to transfer funds for following purposes.

  • Buy gold for the IRA account.
  • Fund transfer through 401K account.
  • Independent fund transfers.

Contact with financial experts:

Advice from an accountant or taxation expert is essential. Think about the situation before making a decision. You can bring the financial record to taxation experts in order to get proper analysis. On the other hand, buying gold coins or bullions is a critical decision. Contact your IRA custodian or an accountant in order to get helpful directions. Following purchase options are offered to IRA investors.

  • Gold mine stocks.
  • Gold bullions.
  • Gold coins.

Don’t forget to see pros and cons of these investment options. It would be better to see reviews having details about these IRA investment plans.

Approved gold options:

There are rules set by the IRA companies as well as government. It is necessary to invest in approved gold options. Gold coins by Australian Gold Kangaroo, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and US Gold Buffalo are approved for purchase.   

How to Change Google Autocomplete

The Google Autocomplete is something, which highlights suggestions whenever search terms are written in the search box of Google. The concept has been introduced for facilitating the users in their online searches. It is a time saving idea, which has earned appreciation from masses to a greater extent. However, from the perspective of online businesses this is something which can bring dangerous outcomes in the long run. The main question, which will be troubling our readers will be more, related with the fact that How in the first place suggestions appear? According to the information that has been presented by Google these search terms are actually reflection of content present on web and the search activity, which is being carried out by users.

You may also be thinking about possibility of change google autocomplete. For changing these suggestions you will need a good number of positive searches and they should come from different computers. After accumulation of enough search activity the negative or unwanted suggestions can be replaced with positive ones. However, managing all this is not very easy because you need a lot of time and active participation of friends and family for change google autocomplete. It is best that a good online reputation management company should be contacted for dealing with these kinds of issues.

Categories for the Best Espresso Machines

Nowadays, there is a great variety of espresso consumers worldwide. This is why it is vital for the producers of the best espresso machines to also bring variety on the market in order to attract as many clients as possible.

This is the main reason why we can easily discover that there are numerous types of espresso machines and that we have a good variety of options to consider when we are interested in making a purchase of this type. The best espresso machines are the ones that offer the greater variety. The main examples to consider when it comes to the type of espresso machines that can be found for sale are as follows: steam-driven machines, piston-driven espresso machines, pump-driven machines and certainly air-pump-driven espresso machines that numerous customers also use worldwide.

Furthermore, it is considered that the best espresso machines sold these days are those that are said to be automatic. This category includes those that have valves, sensors as well as pumps that enable the automatic process of brewing. They are faster, easier to use and the results achieved with these machines are considered the best by direct consumers or by those using these machines to sell good coffee to their customers.