Best Books on Nootropic Supplements

Research and more research is critically important before trying any nootropic supplement. Because even ‘natural’ compounds can have a profound effect on your body and brain.

Not choosing wisely could result in unwanted side effects. And while the Internet is the ‘go-to’ resource for nootropics research in our modern world – nothing equals an authoritative book on the subject.

But the problem until very recently was a lack of good books on nootropic supplements. Because the best books on nootropics were written 20 years ago. And are now out-of-date.

Do a search on Amazon for “nootropics book” today, and the most recent listings are for eBooks with low review numbers, and very little content.

The kind of information you could easily find yourself with a quick Google search.

Through my work with Nootropics Expert, I’ve bought every decent book I could find on nootropics, and healing and optimizing your brain.

This post reviews the very few books I’ve found. With recommendations on which books to buy. Which books you many want to consider. And which nootropic books you should avoid altogether.

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